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What it’s like to work with us?

We are Chinese manufacture of magnesium sulphate/Epsom salt and sulfamic acid

----Comprehensive Service 

Sales Team

Mutil- channel could be reached via email, telephone, fax and social software. Pre-sales consulting includes product specification, application, customized packaging, logistic, testing etc. We will follow up the whole process from the re-sales to after sales. We are bilingual, please feel free to contact us at any time. We promise to reply within 12 hours as fast as we can. 

Free sample can be provided!!! 

Logistic Team

To cater to the diverse logistical requirement, LZZD chemical has its own close shipping agency partners, which we have great advantage to arrange the most appropriate transportation and get the information timely. As the freight is a crucial cost component in the competitive trade, our professional logistic team works with global agencies, which will get the competitive freight cost, priority shipping space, timely vessel tracking, and advanced shipping information. With rich experience of container and bulk cargo ship, LZZD chemical is one of the most professional company which can provide the best logistic proposal for our customers to help you win the market during the fierce competition.


Production Team

Separate analytical laboratory is set up at the production site. 
Our researchers devote themselves to strictly inspection for the current productions improvement and application. About our new project, we get the support from professors at the university and government research institution. Warmly welcome your kind guidance, we would like to share our achievement with you.



QC team make strict inspection from raw material purchasing, production stage, packaging, to finished product based on the Inspection standard. We also invite third-party for inspection before delivery, to ensure our product quality for 100%. 





Date analysis

Our professional data analysis group collect the data information from our cooperator information platform, we would like to share the market information with you. 

We Would Love to Work With You

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